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Meet Your Goals

& Meet Yourself

High-impact coaching  that helps you rise in the unknown
 to live and lead from your innate brilliance 

We all deserve to live in wholeness.

And yet, at work and in life, we all tend to reach a point -

    we lose touch with ourselves and our potential.

    we feel stuck, aimless, burnt out, overwhelmed.

    we want a reset, to breathe easy again.

    we're hungry for the life, the work, or the relationships we want.


All too often, when we reach that point, we just white-knuckle it through. We project-manage ourselves with a distant kind of humanity, or we stall out, unable to muster the clarity or energy to maneuver through the maze. 


What if there's a way back to yourself and your deeper potential -

    a way to be supported from the inside out?

    a way to integrate everything life's brought your way?

    a way to lead yourself through chaos by your innate brilliance? 


What if it's true that, deep down, you've been whole all along? 

This is your coaching invitation: experience your challenges, and yourself, in a new light. 

Move beyond. Grow, deepen, and strengthen - for this and everything you face.

It takes fresh, hot courage to be on the journey you've started.

That's where coaching can help.  I'm game if you are.

So often times it happens that
we live our lives in chains
and we never even know
w e  h a v e h e  k e y.

-  The Eagles 

Hello there, welcome.

I'm Jenna

... and I am all about deeply human development.


As a leadership development professional and

Certified Integral Coach, I partner with you to skillfully address the challenges that exist on and below the surface. 

I'm many other things, too - among them, an explorer. That's why I wholly believe in the joy of new frontiers. This joy forms the essence of my coach-approach and my way of being.

Follow me on these socials to learn more about me and experience my commitment to my work. 

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Working Together

My clients and I have addressed:

  • transitions in work, small and large

  • burnout and overwhelm

  • clarifying purpose for work and life

  • blind spots and feeling stuck

  • navigating change

  • making hard decisions

  • leading and living more authentically

My coaching style is:

inviting, soulful, focused, and open.


With me, you get to experience an abiding, non-judgmental space with the freedom to think, feel, embody, doubt, and experiment. This becomes the backdrop for discovering what's holding you back and allowing what wants to emerge.


"Empathetic, heartfelt, full of deep breaths.
Being with Jenna is like being in the eye of a storm.
She helps me create space to reflect. She makes me feel like I can make the changes that I want to make to be a better leader."

- Emily, economic development executive

Current Offerings

Three Sessions

tap into your hidden power

and experience what's possible


includes: a deep listening session

+ a development outline

+ 3 coaching sessions

Three Month Engagement

Six Month Engagement

arrive at the heart of the matter

and advance toward your goals


includes: a deep listening session

+ a development outline

+ three months of coaching

(approx. 5 - 6 sessions)

commit to your growth

and witness transformation

includes: a deep listening session

+ a development outline

+ six months of coaching

(approx. 10 -12 sessions)

+ digital assets to support your journey

Book a Consultation

Let's Connect

Book a brief exploratory call to discuss what you're looking for and see if it's a fit

Or, drop me a line here to connect in email:

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